6101Graduate Workshop 1
Recent researches in architecture have focused on understanding computational methods of formal exploration and expression. Computational mechanisms have been used to readdress formal issues using new techniques and methods. Design tools that operate on algorithmic logic are central in these explorations.

The Graduate Studio 6101 explores new intellectual and theoretical directions of des ...more

Introduction of different views on the source of human knowledge / Clarification of the concept of different knowledge groups and the concept of scientific knowledge / The quality of the professional knowledge of architecture, its criteria of scientificity and the impact of its interaction with other scientific disciplines / Method in architectural research and its limitations. ...more

6103Information Technologies in Architectural Design

6106Graduate Workshop 2
The aim of this course is advancing the digital thinking and design-strategy developing skills which are essential in computational design and to establish a background to understand how to use design capabilities provided by digital technologies in a creative way in the environments of professional implementation. The topic of parametric design will be emphasized in this course to question how th ...more

6107Algorithm Design
Basic information and database ordering algorithms / search algorithms / String operations / geometrical algorithms / Graph algorithms / mathematical algorithms / analysing special subjects. ...more

6108Introduction to 3D Modelling and Animation

6109Design Theory

6110Interface Design
Developments in information and communication technologies and the use of ICTs has influences on all disciplines. The field of computational design uses ICTs not only in design process but also in presentation of the final product / solution. Students, who are supposed to be experts in this profession, should have knowledge on interface design to describe the process and the final product / solut ...more

6111Graduate Workshop 3
Research topics are, designing transformable functions and structures, reusability, digital fabrication technologies and new building materials. ...more

61123D Studio Applications

6113Advanced 3D Studio Applications

6115Architectural Multimedia
Definition, past and the future of the concept of multimedia / Consituents of this concept (sound, image, moving image, drawing), content organization and technical optimisation in their coming together / Possible utilizations of multimedia in architecture / Discussion on the contribution and constrictions of multimedia in architecture / Utilization of the possibilities of multimedia in informatio ...more

6116Shape Grammars
The course aims to make aware the students of design about systematic-algorithmic thinking in design process. It introduces the students with formal language of design utilizing geometri, algebra and relational thinking.
The students are introduced with algorithmic thinking by utilizing computational design-method shape grammars. Rule based simple and parametric design generations are gene ...more

6117Graphical Computer Programming

6119Computer Aided Architectural Representation Techniques

6120Spatial Analysis Techniques
The concept of space and its variations / Introduction to the spatial conceptions of different theorists / Techniques of spatial analysis / Disscussions and seminars on sample analyses in the scale of a single building, as well as in environmental and urban scales / Examination of works based on analyses according to building types or a specific period / Verbal, graphical, photographical and algor ...more

6121Concepts of Informatics
Definition of the “digital medium” / Searching of the sources nurturing computer aesthetics / Delineation of the main concepts developed around the communication technologies since the beginning of the 20th century / The concept of media, the concept of interface / Work of art as a tool of communication / Art and Technology movement / Interaction of digital technologies with the forme ...more