The Graduate Programme founded in 1991 offers master and doctoral degrees. It is founded to inquire and explore the potentials of architecture, computing and design. The program focuses on utilizing design media and new computational methods in representation of design knowledge and constructing of design object.

The program is shaped around the topics of faculty research and interest. The topics include: interdisciplinary research at the intersection of architecture, design and computing, digital modelling and visualization, shape studies, parametric design, design by algorithms, digitally mediated remote collaboration in design, new manufacturing technologies CAD/CAM, development of computational tools, inquires into new computational methods of architectural design education.

The program is supported by the teaching faculty from architecture, art, design and engineering fields.

Admission requirements for the program should be inquired to the YTU Institute of Science and Technology. Applicants are expected to bring their portfolios for the admission interview. Admission to the PhD program is based on careful examination of the applicants previous academic work and goals. It is recommended to discuss with the faculty the goals for pursuing studies prior to submitting application.

Showcase Shape Grammars Recent Events Conference: "think, research, provoke, conceptualize..."
The course aims to make aware the students of design about systematic-algorithmic thinking in design process. It introduces the students with formal language of design utilizing geometri, algebra and relational thinking.
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"think, research, provoke, conceptualize..."
Durmuş Dilekçi

May 21, 2011 / 12.00 P.M.
YTU Faculty of Architecture
Alpay Askun Hall

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